If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

When was the wedding?

June 19, 2010 and it was fantastic! Check out our Flickr group if you weren’t there. If you were, add some photos!

If you missed the festivities, you can also check out this slideshow from our wedding photographer Sean Cook or this slideshow from our friend Angeli Wright. Fantastic!

Wasn’t this a wedding blog? If the wedding is over, why are you still blogging here?

Yes, it was our wedding blog. We had a lot of people coming to the wedding from out of town and this was a really good way to connect with them and make their trip easier. It was also a really good way to give wedding and life updates to anyone who cared. The latter is why we’re keeping the blog.

We moved to Big Rapids, which means our friends and family aren’t necessarily close to us but we know they want to know a little bit more than what our Facebook profiles have to offer. You won’t find updates on every minutia of our lives but you’ll find some big announcements, some photos and some other random things that keep us all connected.

What have you been doing since the wedding?

Whitney recently accepted a city and crime reporting position at The Pioneer in Big Rapids and started on July 6, 2010. Bryan accepted a job at the Reed City Yoplait facility, about 10-20 minutes north of our house in Big Rapids, and will start work sometime in September.

Bryan and Whitney are both on LinkedIn if you’re curious about their qualifications or would like to help them make some business connections. We love networking!

Why Big Rapids?

We moved here for Whitney’s job and, now that Bryan’s found a job as well, we’re here to stay for a while. Big Rapids is a small town and we’ve been welcomed with open arms since moving here. The people are nice, the landscape is beautiful, something’s always happening and our rent is CHEAP! It’s a place that we never thought we’d love but are totally glad to be here.

Still doubtful? Come over for an afternoon. We’ll take you out for Schubergers and a stroll through the farmer’s market. Maybe we’ll go tubing down the Muskegon River. Soon you’ll be saying, “Why NOT Big Rapids?”

When can we expect little Whitneys and Bryans?

Not anytime soon but thanks for the enthusiasm!

Anything else I should know?

If you have questions about anything, you can e-mail Whitney at whitney.gronski@gmail.com or call her at (989) 573-2307. Bryan can be reached at maxdust@gmail.com or (989) 996-0476.