It’s a long story, to say the very least. But to sum things up…

Bryan and Whitney met freshman year at Nouvel Catholic Central High School in 8th hour Computer 1 with Mr. Wolf. After many detentions for talking to much and goofing around, they became friends. Just friends.

It wasn’t until later in the year, right before the Sadie Hawkins Dance that happened sometime close to Valentine’s Day that they made things “official,” even though Whitney still took Chad Neiderquill to the dance.

And so things continued throughout high school the way high school relationships go — Bryan helped Whitney learn how to factor before morning math classes (she still can’t factor), Whitney helped Bryan draw class presentation posterboards (he still can’t draw) and they spent most of their time eating dinner with each other’s families and coordinating outfits for various high school dances.

Senior year rolled around and Bryan got accepted to Michigan Tech, all the way up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in Houghton, Mich. Whitney totally thought he meant Houghton Lake and was fine with the whole thing until they took a road trip to visit Tech’s campus and drove up I75 about 400 miles past Houghton Lake. Bryan was super excited about Tech — and who could blame him? — and moved up to the great white north in August 2005.

And guess what? Everything worked out. Whitney made the drive a few times a year, Bryan came home for semester breaks and, thanks to Verizon Wireless’ free IN calling network and the almighty Internet, 500 miles suddenly didn’t seem so far away.

Now, they’ve both graduated from college, gotten hitched and moved to Big Rapids, Mich. Bryan makes yogurt and Whitney reports news. And life is grand.

This was their wedding blog, chocked full of wedding day and Saginaw information. What is it now? It’s an infrequently updated “newsletter” for all their friends and family they don’t necessarily keep up with on a regular basis.

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