I know it’s hot. Can you remember the last time temps soared about 100 degree in Michigan? Even though it’s been a hot week, this summer has been kind of beautiful and we’ve been enjoying as much Pure Michigan as possible on the weekends.

Getty 4 Drive-In in Muskegon

About a week and a half ago, we went to a drive-in movie in Muskegon. There are actually a lot more drive-ins left in Michigan than you might think. There’s a great website that lists all the drive-ins in all the states – check it out! There’s some neat history underneath each listing. Getty 4 shows double features for $8 a person. We saw Transformers (meh), but because it was Sunday and I had to work the next day, we ducked out (drove out!) before Super 8 started. Bummer, but it was a beautiful night anyways. We went swimming in Lake Michigan and biked around town a little before heading to the flick. Here’s Buff looking mad while walking on some breakers.

Buff on the breakers

BTW, these two pictures were taken with my iPod Touch and the one of Buff were taken with Instagram, an app that gives pictures an old-timey feel. The quality is not great, but my regular camera is broken so it’s either these or a work camera.

We also went kayaking one weekend in Grand Haven because I scored a sweet Groupon for Lakeshore Kayaks. I don’t have any pictures of that, but it was beautiful. If anyone wants to meet up for a kayak trip, I’m happy to go!

Tiny tomato in my garden!

The garden is HUGE. I already have about 20 tomatoes — the heirloom plants are out-producing the hybrid/GMO plants, surprisingly — and my basil, swiss chard and sunset lettuce are looking amazing. Tomorrow night, if I can stand the heat of our house long enough to make something for dinner, I’m thinking some pesto and greens over pasta would be lovely.

Oh, exciting news: My sister Breck is engaged! She and her lovely fiance, Adam, are planning a small, private ceremony for next fall. She’s excited, I’m excited. It’s a good thing. Congrats, Breck & Adam!

Other than that, we’re planning a few more weekend excursions that I’ll share later, but for now  that’s basically it. I hope you’re all having wonderful summers as well. In case you haven’t gotten into a the mood of summer yet, may I suggest a small does of  Will Smith’s “Summertime”?

Our backyard tonight. Not a bad way to end the day.