Anniversary One

On Sunday, we celebrated our first anniversary in the only way appropriate: I worked most of the day before we took off for Grand Rapids for a few hours of food and fun. We ate pizza and drank craft brews at 25 Kitchen and Bar, thanks to some fabulous specials ($5 pizzas + $2.25 taps = AWESOME). Then we went to Viceroy and Stella’s, where we drank these ridiculous egg white drinks and played pinball while watching people do gong-show style karaoke during “Shit Show Sunday.” I ended up falling down a flight of stairs and a questionable guy tried to scam us while we took this picture, which totally didn’t turn out how I imagined, partly because of the questionable guy. It was absolutely a hipster romance and I loved it. I think Buff did too.

Here’s to the next year being as good as the first. Love ya, Buff.