via Love and Olive Oil

I don’t know how many people that aren’t Buff or Abby or Georgia know how many blogs I read on a daily basis, but trust me when I say I read a TON of blogs in addition to the disgusting amount of news and Facebook/Twitter updates I consume on a daily basis.

One of my favorite blogs is Love and Olive Oil. It’s run by a young couple who make insane food. This was the first recipe of theirs that I ever made and I was hooked instantly. Since then, I’ve made a bunch of their recipes, but one of my favorites is this pumpkin turkey chili.

When fall rolls around, I crave all things pumpkin, from the requisite pumpkin spice latte to pumpkin cookies to baked squash with nutmeg (which is pumpkin’s cousin, obviously). I made this chili for my sister one time when she spent the night with me in Lansing and this week she asked me for the recipe. Since I sent her the link, I figured I should probably share it here too. I’ll probably end up making this one day this week. Even though it’s classified as “Stuff We Like,” I’ve never made this for Bryan so let’s hope he likes it.

My advice to Breck will be the same for you, kind reader: Don’t skimp on the cumin. It makes the pumpkin less intensely sweet and dessert-y and adds this other level of flavor that really makes the dish crave-worthy. If cumin isn’t something you normally keep in your pantry, you might want to change that. It’s great for practically everything, especially those slow-cooked, earthy fall recipes that are so popular this time of year. I season meat and veggies with it. It’s a must-have.

Happy eating!