Abby + Kyle on the polka dance floor

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of traveling to Mackinaw Island (or Mackinac Island, if you’re one of those people) for the wedding of our friends, Abby and Kyle.

For those who don’t know, Abby was my loyal roommate at Michigan State and someone who graduated with us from Nouvel. Kyle was also in our class at Nouvel and has always been a fixture in our bonfire-having, basement-shit-talking circle of friends.

Also for those who don’t know, Abby and Kyle were not friends in high school. Abby and I didn’t become friends until senior year and she and I never hung out together with Buff and Kyle and Eric and whoever else we hung out with in the basement at the Barrigers house. It wasn’t until three summers ago when Abby and I showed up at a bonfire at Ruth’s house that the two of them connected.

The rest is history!

Their wedding was great — how could it not be great on Mackinaw Island, right? — and the all-polka reception was a blast. Buff even learned to polka, thanks to some helpful tips and practice dancing with Abby’s mom, Von.

So congratulations, kids. I hope you had a wonderful wedding weekend and are getting settled into your new place in Wisconsin just fine. We’ll be over sometime soon for some beer drinkin’ and cheese eatin’.

If you want to see the Facebook album from the wedding, click here.