In case you didn’t catch this on my Facebook, my dad’s Facebook, Beth’s Facebook or anyone’s Twitter this week…

Our professional pictures are in! Have a look at this slideshow put together by Sean:

For anyone interesting in ordering some prints, e-mail me at and I’ll give you the information as soon as I have it. It will be a completely online ordering process, Sean says, so it should be pretty simple for everyone to access.

Today I’m sitting down after a loooooong two weeks of work to start writing out these thank you notes that are so majorly overdue. I’m not going to feel too bad about being two months behind, though, because I haven’t been to a wedding recently where the thank you notes came any sooner than that anyways. How’s that for justifying poor etiquette? ­čśë Expect a thank you note in the mail sometime next week!

In other non-wedding related news, Bryan had his third interview at Yoplait in Reed City this week. He is one of four people up for “multiple” job openings (I don’t think we know how many exactly) and he spent a day at the plant on Thursday with those candidates and a bunch of interviewer guys. We are hoping and praying so hard for him to get this job and feeling extremely confident BUT it wouldn’t hurt to send a few prayers or channel some positive energy our way if you’ve got a few moments!

As for my job, it’s going great. It’s hard work, especially when people like U.S. Sen. Carl Levin comes to Big Rapids and gets a pie in the face, but it’s been fun so far. I’m learning a lot and meeting a lot of amazing people. This town is full of great people, which has been one of the things Bryan and I have really noticed since moving here. Small town mentality, I guess.

We’ve had a few house guests so far — my sister Breck, our friend Eric and Matt and Jake, Bryan’s roommates from Tech — and we’d like to extend the open invitation for anyone to come and visit anytime. Big Rapids is about two hours from everywhere so it’s a pretty easy day trip but a totally acceptable overnight or weekend trip too!