For those of you who have been DYING to see the professional shots taken by our photographer Sean Cook and his lovely assistant Kat Petersen, here’s a sneak preview. There are only seven pictures but if the rest are this gorgeous — and Sean has assured me the best is yet to come — I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

This weekend is Fourth of July, quite obviously, but Bryan and I are doing a little more than celebrating our great nation’s independence. We’re moving to Big Rapids this weekend, where Tuesday I’ll start working as the cops and courts and city government and etc. reporter at the Big Rapids Pioneer. We spent today packing most of the things from my rental in Bay City into a U-Haul van and stuffing the rest into the tiny trunk of the Camry. We’re exhausted. In fact, Bryan is asleep next to me on the mattress which is currently on the living room floor surrounded by suitcases and dust bunnies. Tonight we’re going to wander downtown to watch Bay City’s big firework display and drink a few beers with some friends. Life ain’t that bad, people.

After things slow down a little bit, I’ll upload some photos from our honeymoon and of our new place in Big Rapids and share them with everyone here. Which brings me to my next update….

Many a family member and friend has asked me, “Are you going to keep updating the website now that the wedding is over?” The short answer is, yes, I plan to keep updating The long answer involves me explaining what kind of updates you can expect, what changes I’m going to make to the site and a lot of other stuff I’ll reveal later once I get it figured out. Since we’re going to be far away from home and don’t have any real expectations of returning to the Saginaw Valley, we know everyone wants to keep in touch and would probably appreciate something a little more candid than Facebook stalking. So stay tuned — the best is yet to come. 🙂

Oh! And don’t forget to add your shots from the wedding to our Flickr pool! We’d love you ever-so-much for doing so.

Here's a picture of Bryan and I during a hike we took on our honeymoon in the Smoky Mountain National Park. More to come!