In case anyone would like to see them all, here are the #bryanandwhitney tweets (and a few @ replies to me) from the wedding night and the days leading up to it in one condensed location. I hope I haven’t missed any contributions to the topic, but if I did, leave yours below in the comments.

I compiled as many of these as I could for a couple reasons. First, I wanna remember that people actually took the time to tweet about our wedding even though the majority of those tweeters were not there. AWESOME! Also, there are a couple good Twitpics in here and an epic soundslides by Angeli that I know people will be interested in seeing.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Twitter — and I know there’s a few of you reading this and scratching your head — these are like Facebook status updates. If you don’t know what THAT is, please click here.

Thanks so much for hashtagging us, Internet friends. 🙂 You helped bring the wedding to the web and, if you know me at all, you know how important and special that is to me.

For your information, we’re setting out on a Tennessee vaycay today. No, I am NOT blogging on vacation. I prewrote this and scheduled it to post before I left. Isn’t technology magical? We’ll be back soon and hopefully I’ll have some pictures to share from the journey.

On with the tweets!

@gray_card: Sunset on a golf course somewhere near Saginaw, Michigan #bryanandwhitney

@angeliwright: Going back to Illinois. My parting gift. #bryanandwhitney

@gray_card: Photo: I’m not sure how this happened. #bryanandwhitney

@whitneymae Whoa. #bryanandwhitney thank everyone for all the congratulatory tweets. Y’all rocked our world on the internet and on the dance floor. ❤

@gray_card: Paying bills! #bryanandwhitney

@merrycoder: @whitneymae: congratulations! i hope you had a wonderful day…and it sounds like you did!

@zagatam: I hope @whitneymae is drunk, dancin’ and rap-battlin at her reception. Girl’s got style. 🙂

@allisonbushhh: loving all the tweets from @whitneymae‘s wedding. congrats, girl!

@carp219: @whitneymae Girl named Whitney got married today at Tigers game. Said “hell yeah,” not “I do.” I’m sure your day was way classier. Congrats.

@mbish86: The dancing is real here @whitneymae‘s wedding. Time to boogie!

@jameswvh: Dancing, fireworks & a swarthy Jason Chiou. Yep, it’s @whitneymae‘s wedding.

@nick_ostberg: @whitneymae Whit! I’m so happy for you! I am so sorry I couldn’t be there but with work just starting and all it was pretty much impossible

@aktilot: @whitneymae Congratulations!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 #bryanandwhitney

@whitneymae: I am so beyond thrilled with everyone who came to this wedding! And Jason brought a megaphone! Best day of my life! #bryanandwhitney

@zagatam: @whitneymae of course Jason brought a megaphone. So glad you had a wonderful day. ❤ Thanks so much for the tweets!

@kellyhouse: Three cheers for @whitneymae on her weddin’ day! #bryanandwhitney @whitneymae: At Speedway in a gown #classy#bryanandwhitney

@jeffkart: “@whitneymae: At Speedway in a gown #classy #bryanandwhitney” CONGRATS!!! Sorry I missed it.

@georgiarhodes: Holy shit @whitneymae is married y’all! #bryandandwhitney

@whitneymae On our way to the reception after a photo shoot #party #bryanandwhitney

@gray_card: Saginaw, Michigan playing in antique store #bryanandwhitney

@marissajayne: @whitneymae I just can’t think of a wedding without thinking of this Mawidge is what brings us together.

@marissajayne: @whitneymae Mega mega congrats! enjoy your big day and LIVE IT UP!!! #bryanandwhitney

@gray_card: I could be setting up tents right now…suckas!!!! #bryanandwhitney

@gray_card: Waiting to check in and then I’m gonna do some antiqing! #bryanandwhitney

@gray_card: Wedding was a success! Even Jesus was there! #bryanandwhitney

@drewsted: My gurl @whitneymae looked soooo fine in that dress! Can’t wait to dance and party our asses off later! #bryanandwhitney

@leebovel: Agreed! Congrats lady!!! RT @joulieb Amazing. Go girl! RT @mar3412 LOVE that @whitneymae is live tweetin’ her wedding. 😀 #bryanandwhitney

@joeynowak: @whitneymae git. it. gurl. #bryanandwhitney

@joulieb: Amazing. Go girl! RT @mar3412 LOVE that @whitneymae is live tweetin’ her wedding. Don’t be nervs! You can do ittttt! 😀 #bryanandwhitney

@whitneymae Its GO TIME #bryanandwhitney

@whitneymae Shaking inside smiling outside. No one knows how nervous I am because Im tweeting my anxiety #bryanandwhitney

@whitneymae Longest hour of my life. Holy God deliver me. #bryanandwhitney

@mar3412: LOVE that @whitneymae is live tweetin’ her wedding. Don’t be nervs! You can do ittttt! 😀

@mar3412: @whitneymae Happy Wedding day, girl. Love you so much and wish I could be there. All the best. 🙂

@gray_card: I am a human light meter! I just guessed chapel exposure! #bryanandwhitney

@whitneymae: One hour to go and we look FINE. Waiting for the boys to get here. I hear @gray_card is in the building. #bryanandwhitney

@alesacm: @whitneymae Best wishes on your wedding day, #bryanandwhitney!

@joulieb: @whitneymae Congrats/best wishes/all that stuff! #bryanandwhitney

@danfaas: We talkin’ ’bout MARRIAGE. Congrats to @whitneymae on her wedding day! Mazeltov! #bryanandwhitney

@gray_card: Today I am going to a royal wedding. Not in Sweden, in Saginaw. #bryanandwhitney

@gray_card: Getting ready to head north. #bryanandwhitney

@bryan_buffa: my favorite wedding prep moment: when whit told the DJ to play music “like you’re at a keggar” #bryanandwhitney

@bryan_buffa: oh snap got those vows memorized in like 5 minutes #bryanandwhitney

@whitneymae Eggs and Kanye West for breakfast with @ndentamaro and @georgiarhodes, speakers loud. Perfect way to start today! #bryanandwhitney

@drewsted: @whitneymae can’t wait to see #bryanandwhitney get hitched tomorrow

@kristendaum: @whitneymae: Using social media for ur wedding? Ever the journalist. 😉 Congratulations, and best wishes!! #bryanandwhitney

@mbish86: @whitneymae Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! #bryanandwhitney

@zagatam: Aw, I wish! RT @whitneymae Coming to our wedding tomorrow? #bryanandwhitney Do it, guys!

@whitneymae: Wanna send us your well wishes even if you can’t be there? #bryanandwhitney

@whitneymae: Coming to our wedding tomorrow? #bryanandwhitney Do it, guys!