Two weeks from today, we will be married.

In five days, I’ll be done with my job at The Bay City Times. Two weeks and a few days from today, we’ll be going on a sweet vacation in Tennessee for a few days. In about four weeks, we’ll be moving to Big Rapids.

Whoa. Life goes fast.

There’s honestly not much to update you on, dear reader. We’re just freaking out about a lot of last minute details and tasks to accomplish but honestly? There’s not much left to do! We’re ready, eager and waiting for the big day to finally arrive.

Sometime this week, I’d like to make a post about things to do in Saginaw for all our out-of-towners. Maybe stuff to do between the ceremony and reception and stuff to do on Sunday. Any suggestions posted in the comments below from Saginaw natives will be included! My biggest recommendation? At some point, get a steak sandwich from Tony’s with some fries and gravy! Saginaw classic!

Anyway, in case you’re wondering, here are the answers to the following questions: I’m not nervous but Buff might be. Yes, we’re ready. No, we don’t need any help with anything right now but if we do we’ll let you know and thank you for asking!

Now here’s my question to you: Are you ready to party?

Maybe, like Obama, you could enjoy a milkshake between the ceremony and reception. Bryan and I want to know: Jamocha or Shamrock?