This has been a pretty exciting week for us and i have yet to share the news with our wedding blog readers!

On Monday, I accepted a job at The Pioneer in Big Rapids, a small paper in the same city as Ferris State University. I’m going to be a cops and courts reporter who also does a little city government reporting and edits the company’s quarterly women’s magazine, Fusion. I’ll be starting on July 6, which means we’ll be moving to Big Rapids after the wedding.

How exciting!

Also on Monday, Bryan interviewed with a copper mining company in Ely, Nevada. They flew him out on Sunday to Salt Lake City and he got to take a beautiful drive through the desert and the mountains in a pretty speedy rental car. 🙂 So far, he hasn’t heard back about the position but we’ll see what happens.

Maybe this will throw a wrench into our plans of no longer being a long distance couple. You never know what could happen when opportunity knocks!

So anyways, there’s a little life update for all your curious readers. If anyone knows any landlords in Big Rapids, e-mail me because I’m looking for a place to call home for a couple years. I’m an excellent tenant!

22 days left! Get pumped!