When I set out to create this little wed-site, I mentioned the blog portion might contain a few things not explicitly related to our impending nuptials, that you might find some other things here as well. This post can be classified as “other things”.

Browsing The New York Times today I found an article in the “most e-mailed” column titled “Gratitude Adjustment“. It’s talks about thank you notes and who writes them anymore anyways and do people even care if they get them in the end. It caught my attention because a) thank you notes are a very wedding-related piece of stationery what with all the gifts and kind gestures and b) I’ve already written about 50 so far and I’d be really bummed out if people didn’t care for them.

To be clear: I don’t mind writing a thank you note. I can take down a stack of stationery in the time it takes to watch a few episodes of Sex and The City. I’m in no way looking to get out writing them. I just didn’t really know people had an aversion to them before reading this.

The article quotes an uppity hostess who says she doesn’t like the thank you note because it takes too long to arrive after the thanks-worthy gesture. She also says this, which kind of made me laugh…

“I understand how lovely [thank you notes] are in theory,” she said, “but I think they’re a major source of guilt and pressure. They have nothing to do with the lost art of letter writing. It’s just another bit of etiquette, the kind only assigned to women; what man is ever expected to write a note and send it?” (A man in powdered wig and court shoes.)

OK, yea. I don’t see many men writing thank you notes, although Buff and I received one from a recently married male friend who lovingly penned a note to us that included phrases such as “blah blah blah” and “writing these takes FOREVER.” (I can’t even be mad about that — it was hilarious and definitely scrapbook worthy.) This man(boy)’s name shall be withheld.

Another part of the article talks about e-notes, but more about e-vites rather than e-thanks. But why couldn’t you send a thank you note via e-mail as an easier way to thank someone without killing trees and killing time?

And what about those trendy thank yous many couples have been sending out recently with a standard message of thanks and a picture from the wedding? Love ’em or hate ’em?

So here are my questions: Do you care about thank you notes anymore? How do you feel about e-thanks? What about standardized, time-saving “thanks to everyone for everything” cards?

Comment below! I’m really interested to know!