This is a special message for anyone who hasn’t sent back the RSVP:

Don’t feel bad. I make stacks of mail and papers six inches high and I lose things, forget things and sometimes spill coffee on important things. I’ve forgotten an RSVP or two in my day or scrambled to contact a host and say, “OMG, I totally forgot! Can I still come?”

I have good news. You can still come.

I’ve gotten a battery of texts, Facebook messages, e-mails and phone calls this weekend from people saying they had forgotten to send the RSVP, which was due on Friday, May 7. Send it this week. You’re technically late but this ain’t high school — I’ll still accept late work and you won’t be docked any points. You still have a chance at being A+ friends/ family members. But I need that RSVP card soon.

What we need is that rip-off part with the “Be there! Be square!” check boxes and your names. The RSVP looks like this, just in case you weren’t sure.

Oddly, we got one of these marked “Be there!” with no names or anything. So whoever you are, mystery guest(s), we’re glad you’re coming!

On the subject of song requests, we’ve gotten some really great ones! Thanks to everyone who took the time to tell us the songs they want to hear. Our playlist is going to be stacked! I hope everyone’s ready to dance!

If you are unable to attend, it’s just as important that you send your RSVP back checked “Be sqaure!” and with your names. We need an accurate head count soon so we can order our food and drinks and all that fun stuff. So please, please, please send that RSVP back!

So that’s my update for now. If you haven’t sent an RSVP, send yours back whether or not you’re coming. We need to know! Also, if for some reason you got a Save the Date card but you never received the folded invitation with ceremony and reception times, directions to the locations and an RSVP, please let me know. There’s still plenty of time (if you consider a month and a half plenty of time) to get you on the guest list.