There have been a lot of cat-centric posts since beginning this wedding blog, I know. Trust me. I’m not some crazy cat person, I promise. The internet just really likes cats and there’s a lot of cat content out there. I can’t be blamed for passing along some of the best there is.

But there’s been an egregious oversight and I need to correct it. I have yet to post a picture of my/our cat. Her name, well, she has many. Take your pic from Lady, Robert the Cat, Victory, Harvey and “Holy crap that cat is fat!” Many people have called her many things but, as Shakespeare or some dude once said, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Robert the Cat, a picture taken by Robert the Human

Why am I sharing this picture with you? Because I figured some of you might be curious about my cat. Then again, some of you might not be curious about my cat but will enjoy this picture nonetheless. Also, this animal will be part of our married life, so there’s the relevance.

Moreover, it’s not important if cats and weddings are not really linked to one another. Both should be enjoyed and celebrated for what they are!

Have an excellent day!