I’m hearing that people are starting to get their invites and that is a good thing. Luckily, Eyjafjallajokull can’t rain on this parade. Gentle reminder: Send your RSVPs ASAP! Make my life easy, please?

OK, moving on.

I want to give a special shout out to two special people: Chelsea McGorisk and Sean Cook. If you’re seeing some kind of paper good associated with this wedding, chances are Chelsea designed it, found a place to print it and delivered it to me over coffee at Espresso Royale with a smile. Sean’s role in the Gronski/Buffa Wedding Show has yet to be seen because he’s our photographer for The Big Day. He’s pretty good at what he does so I’m so excited about it.

There’s a couple reasons I wanted to make a special plug for these kids. One: They are former State Newsers like me and we’ve worked closely in the past two years and gotten to be friends. I like to support my friends as much as possible. Two: They are talented young people about to step foot into the real world. You can hire them! Three: They’re, like, REAL professional for being all of 23 years old. If you require some sort of creative services — especially those which might be wedding-related — I’d highly recommend contacting them to get the job done.

Chelsea & Sean

Guys, I stole this from Chelsea's Facebook. I hope that's OK.

So if you like the invites and STDs and the other stuff I’m sure we will come up with by June 19 and you need some quality graphic design work done, holler at Chelsea. If your smitten with our wedding photos after the wedding and need a photog, get at Sean. I think you’ll be glad you did.