If you don’t know about Young Me/Now Me, you’re missing out. It’s a massive photo project that invites people from all over the whole world to submit a picture of their young self and a picture of their now self re-enacting the young picture.

The term ‘young’  is relative, of course, so some of the pictures you see are of teens now compared to their young baby pictures and others are elderly folks now compared with their young 20-year-old selves. This picture is of the latter.

via Young Me/Now me

Buff and I were G-Chatting and browsing this site tonight from our respective desks in Houghton and Freeland and as soon as he saw this one he messaged me, “WE’RE DOING THIS.”

Now, by law of the Internet, anything written in all caps must be taken very seriously so I think we probably have no other choice but to do this. So we need your help: In about 50 years, when those of us left standing gather to celebrate our long marriage and dance the night away to the classics like Lil’ Wayne and MGMT, could someone please remind us to re-enact one of our wedding photos?