If you’ve arrived at this site, I’m guessing you got our Save The Date card (not the STD you were thinking of!) and you’re looking for more information about Bryan and Whitney’s wedding.

This site is a work in progress and will continue to grow and evolve until we get married. Hopefully you can find most of what you want to know here but if you have questions, leave a comment or drop one of us an e-mail. If your question is a big one, it might get its own page. If a bunch of you ask the same question, I’ll post it in the Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs.

One question you might have: Why the Save The Date cards, guys? Why didn’t you just send an invitation immediately?

The simplest answer is we have a TON of out of town guests. Not including both our groups of friends from colleges on opposite ends of the state, Bryan and I both have a considerable amount of family outside the state. We wanted everyone to be able to get a jump start on planning and saving their pennies to come so we sent out this fabulous reminder designed by the lovely Chelsea McGorisk.

We’ll send out formal invitations in May with all the details you need to know (some of which even we don’t know at the moment). For now, you just need to know we want YOU in Saginaw, Mich. on June 19, 2010 and we really hope you can make it happen (but if you can’t, we totally understand and still love you).

Are you excited yet? You better be!