Bryan is home for spring break. Everyone say YAY!

Even though I’m still obligated to work (the real world is funny that way), we have a busy week while he’s home. There’s plenty of marriage prep classes to do and no shortage of friends to visit. We also built a couple wedding registries, one at Target and one at Macy’s. But this blog is all about honestly — what blog isn’t? — and we want everyone to know about 97 percent of the things we need are at Target because Macy’s is just too damn expensive.


So if you happen to go to Macy’s and notice there’s about seven things on the list, it’s because we started scanning things and then quickly realized bedding, for example, was upwards of $400 and the china was just too fancy. We’re simple kids with simple families. We don’t need all that fancy stuff!

If you get us something, thanks in advance. You’re helping us become much more pampered people and better cooks, since most of the stuff is for the kitchen. You can find links to our registries on the FAQ page.

If there’s some information you’d like to see on this site or if you’ve got a question, post a comment. I’ll definitely answer your question and, if need be, create a new page to cover anything others might be curious about. In the meantime, have a splendid day!